265-267 Mt Alexander Road

265-267 Mt Alexander Road

Ascot Vale
Graphic Imagery Inspired Apartments





Land Size: 


Building Size: 

50 sqm
65 sqm



Branding an apartment is important for identifying it amongst all the other apartments that exist in a thriving metropolis but also to give the occupants a sense of identity to the world, the passersby and visitors to their home. So like a great black dinner suit that wont age with time, this mixed use development was similarly painted black and being across from Melbourne's famous tram depot was branded "DEPOT 265-271" a homage to the history across the road. The theme was taken through across also aspects of the buildings design from the naming of the two entry points "DEPOT 1 & DEPOT 2" to the illuminated sign on the verandah to the directional signage pointing you in the right direction. The graphic image continues into the stairwells and inside the apartments where the suburbs rich history is noted via the numerous tram stops of route 82. This is no ordinary building but a boutique collection of individual spaces for living and working in an inspiring atmosphere.   

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