Bagnato Architects offers a diverse range of partial or complete based on their individual needs. Complete services being from Sketch Design to contract Administration to internal furnishings where a turn key approach is adopted.


Our Services include:





  • After receiving the client's brief the architect will express a variety of ideas through sketching and often these sketches are undertaken by hand. It is our way of communicating and exploring space planning and the clients vision for the project. Often various options are put forward to the client that may be out of left field but they are used to generate discussion. Without ideas, there is no architecture. 



  • Once a series of sketches and ideas become developed and they start to resemble a building, the process evolves into a more precise approach to the design . During the design-development phase the architect will develop the client approved sketch design and provide documentation to explain it to the client, coordinate the work of specialist consultants, provide a schedule of proposed finishes, review the developed design against the budget and coordinate, and prepare an updated estimate of the cost of the works. At this point additional permits may be required outside the traditional building permit such as a town planning permit. This application will also be undertaken at this stage. 



  • Once all planning approvals are obtained if necessary and the design has been developed to its final solution, accurate and detailed construction drawings are prepared to enable the builder or contractor to undertake their works. The drawings are complete with enough dimensions, details, and notes to enable construction without the need for additional information. They also provide the detailed information required for building permit and the final tendering purposes. Drawings may include floor plans, elevations, sections, window & door schedules, electrical layouts, construction details, exterior & interior details, drawings of kitchens, bathrooms, powder room and all wet areas, tile layouts and all joinery drawings. The architect will also co-ordinate and integrate the work of all consultants required for the project.


  • Once the contract documentation stage is complete, the architect will prepare recommendations to the client on the preferred method of tendering the project. Builders, usually a minimum of three (3) or more are accordingly invited to quote on the project and they are provided with a complete tenderre ="eNetios4 construction drawings are prepared to enable thoatKGOl\/themes\/nucleus\/nucleus\/css\/base.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/date\/date_api\/date.css":1,"sites\/all\/modules\/date\/date_popup\/themes\/datepicker.1.7.css":1,"modules\/field\/theme\/field.css"lakC4b="0" class="tb-mea town plales\/fdor more are accordmodusQsum6Eph>v- rec-/li> the-m"lakC4b="0" claayoutsv-on. -eNeto ar-melakC4 class="d. Buile co0" cla. Builes}icla/div> w to i clcata-ass="dropdown-t works. Tontawedcss"lakC4b="0" clas\/fsQsum6Eph>v-on. -eNeto ar-melakC4 class="d. Buile co0" cla. Builes}icla/div> w to i clcata-ass="dropdown-t works. Tontawedcss"lakC4b="0" clas\="d. Bue lrovdules\/date\/stru Smel se chilutsv-_ate\/ Qsum6Eph>v-_ate\/ Qsum6Eph>v-_ate\/ Qsum6ElibY8 S-A0ematchcla. B Qs ="d. Buil f three (itiehalfens, bathmelak.-box elake\/ Qs bapdo pr navetw="tex" clh to="eNetwn-/ Qsont-awesEph>cata-xuch asb-mea town ququququls\/css\/ctoolTENDERING &ss"amp; NEGOADMINIS; Nes\/fontawesome\/cNow3>
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