Leichhardt Group has worked in collaboration with Bagnato Architects for in excess of 10 years. 
We have been involved in the preparation of budgetary and construction detailing at the preliminary stages of the design process.
Marie and Dominic have an exceptional standard of design detailing knowledge, with a clear understanding of the construction process. 
This attention to detail is also reflected in their administering of projects during the construction phase. We have always found Marie and Dominic's architectural work to be of the highest standard with a professional yet creative approach, not shown by many architectural firms. 

It has been an absolute privilege working with Bagnato Architects and we do not hesitate in endorsing their services to anybody seeking full architectural services of the highest standard.

Leichhardt Group Pty Ltd

Relationship: Builder constructed projects designed by Bagnato Architects

North West Air Conditioning has had the pleasure of being associated with Bagnato Architects for the past six years. Every project we have been involved with has been run seamlessly by Dominic and Marie. Their hands on attitude and "can do" philosophy to customers needs is a breath of fresh air in the architectural industry. My company would highly recommend Bagnato Architects for any project that needs a professional outcome.

North West Air Conditioning Pty Ltd

Relationship: Air Conditioning Contractor

His supervision of the job was fantastic, whenever you needed an answer on anything he knew it straight away or would find out ASAP

Dr. Roofing & Plumbing

Relationship: Roofing Plumbing Contractor